Thursday, February 16, 2017

Antique Family Heirloom

I just wanted to stop by and show off this beautiful antique I got to refinish.

This dresser belonged to my client's mother in law, and had originally been refinished by her. I am told that nobody wanted it, because of it's color. They could not see the potential, but my client did! So she brought it to me=)

She provided the blue paint. She had been holding on to it for a while, but expressed to me that she wasn't set on it, and that I should do whatever I want to it. Yay! I get to be creative! I knew immediately that I wanted to go two toned. If the veneer had been in better condition I would have just stained the drawers, but there was a lot of repair work needed, so I patched the up and painted them cream. I love it! It's  a beautiful blue, and now I feel you can notice the lovely shape and character, rather than fixating on the color.

The casters are in perfect condition, and the keyholes are just amazing. Every drawer has them! This piece is so lovely!

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