Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dining Table Makeover

I am thrilled with how this beautiful dining table turned out!

I found it on a local classified site, for a low price, and immediately saw the potential. The top is nice and thick, solid wood, and I have always loved tables with chunky legs. It had carvings in it, and it was grimy.  I was appalled when I turned it over and found about 40 pieces of chewed gum stuck to the bottom!! But I cleaned it up thoroughly, and got to work!

Once I got the top all sanded down, it looked like this...  Mostly bare wood, but not perfect. That's the beauty of this stuff!

I used all Shabby Paints products on this project. I LOVE how easy and durable they are, but honestly, the biggest bonus is that they are 100% non toxic (even before curing), 100% food safe, 100% VOC free, and made in the USA.

I painted the legs and the skirt with Vanilla Bear. Then I distressed lightly and sealed with Sheer Vax.

For the top, I  mixed Hazelnut Revax, and Black Revax (Probably 75% Hazelnut, and 25% Black). It took 3 coats to get the desired color, and then I added a coat of Shabby Varnish. You can only apply  2 coats in 24 hours, so it took me two days (about an hour each day). This finish is incredibly durable! The revaxes have sealer in them so every single coat is strong. I have used it on several pieces in my home, and I am telling you, it stands up to abuse!

Here is how it looked after one coat:

2 Coats:

And here it is all finished. I am so pleased!

I can't wait to get my chairs done! My paint is on the way!

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