Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Antique Mirror Revival

Finally, a quick and easy project!

Well, sort of! After I rebuilt some of the detailing, and fixed up the gapes where some detail had been removed, I was able to give this sweetie a quick facelift! I used Shabby Texture, by Shabby Paints to fill in, and to rebuild the detail. It is a really cool product that can be used as filler, build appliqu├ęs, or to add texture and make something look like plaster.

This is a corner that I had to rebuild. It looks small, but it was the most difficult, because I needed to match the shape of the rest, and I had no mold.

This curve needed rebuilding as well, but it was easier to shape.

 There used to be detail on the bottom sides, similar to the ones on top, but someone had removed them, and left a gaping hole on each side, so I fixed it up, and you can't even tell it was ever there.

I do always take some time to ponder, before painting an antique like this. If at all possible, I prefer to restore, but some pieces are too far gone (Most of the ones I get are, actually). This piece had already been modified too much to hold any great value (since pieces had been removed), and it needed enough repair, that paint seemed like the best option.  I painted it with Shabby Paints Worn White, and sealed it with Pearl Revax. You can't see the pearlescent sheen in the photos, but it's phenomenal in person!

Here are some larger after photos. I am very pleased with the turnout! I think she is going to live with me for a while!

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