Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lovely Round End Table

Lately, I have been working on a lot of large projects. One example is the bed in the last post (stay tuned for updated photos). I can't wait to share my current large project, hopefully next week!

When I am working on so many large projects (that take forever, but are very gratifying in the end), I like to do a quick project, just so I can feel like I finished something. This adorable end table is one of those quick projects.

She had beautiful shape, but she hadn't had the best care. Someone had slopped on some clear coat at some point, that was uneven, and crackly, and also some gold paint along the edge of the table top. When sanding off the bad finish, I found that the original finish was chippy, which is probably why someone slapped that clear coat on in the first place, to try and stop the original from chipping more.  Anyway, there was no making this piece perfect, so I decided she needed to be shabby. I am pleased with the result.

Here are the before photos:

And, here she is now... Isn't she gorgeous?!

This project was done 100% with Shabby Paints products. The body was painted with a custom shade of grey, using three Shabby colors, and the top was painted Buffalo Brown, and glazed with three different top coats to create a faux wood finish.

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