Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gorgeous and Unique Buffet/Server

I have a thing for buffets. I tell you, I need a larger house, so I can feed my furniture addiction! At least I can still get my hands on beautiful pieces, and love them for a short time until they find a new home, right?

This one is so unique. It has so many details. Even the hardware is ornate!

It was in disrepair when I got it. It was wobbly, the finish was very scratched up, and one of the drawers was missing the entire side. I repaired it, restored the top using Howard's Restore-a-finish, and painted it to bring out the gorgeous details.

For this project I used Vanilla Bear and distressed, then sealed with Vax, and glazed with a 50/50 mixture of Brown Bronze Shimmer Paint/Vax, all by Shabby Paints.  The hardware is painted with Brown Bronze Shimmer Paint.

These pictures do not do this piece justice, but I am never a good photographer, so you are probably used to it=)

(This piece is available for sale. It has a felt lined silverware drawer, and a larger drawer on top. It is 35" Wide, 19.5" Deep, and 33" Tall. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact me on my Facebook Page.