Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When Rustic Meets Shabby Chic

Check out these uglies! Apparently, they were so ugly, that the previous owner couldn't even unload them at a yard sale. I saw their potential immediately, and offered a price that I felt was fair, and viola! Ugly garage picture! You might think that I purposely take the worst garage pictures so that my before shots look as bad as possible, but really, my garage just always looks bad, because I can't stop buying furniture.

I wish I had taken better before pictures. It was like the previous owners had taken some very basic, rustic furniture, and tried to dress it up. They had glued some trim across the front of the nightstands, and there were lion head knobs randomly screwed in on the outsides of the drawers. They had changed some of the hardware, but never filled any holes. It was interesting!

I can tell you, that it didn't take much for me to make these beasts into beauties! I sanded them, filled some holes, and added some gorgeous applique back plates to go behind their new knobs. I painted the drawers, and main bodies in Rethunk Junk's Grey Mist, and I used the wipe on method with General Finishes Java Gel Stain for the tops. Then I distressed to my heart's desire, and sealed the entire thing with Sheer Vax, by Shabby Paints.

I must admit, I was sad to let these babies go. I LOVE them! I wanted to keep them, but alas, I feel that way about almost every piece of furniture that comes into my life, and my house is just not that big!

I'm still waiting for pictures of them in their new home:)

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