Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Beautiful Secretary

Sometimes I get a hold of really ugly pieces, and I make them beautiful, and sometimes I get a great deal on an already beautiful piece, that just needs a little bit of love.

I am so sad that I lost my before shot of this piece. She came to me with so much original character. Sure, she was banged up pretty good, and had not been well taken care of, but her details were gorgeous, and I could not cover them up! Instead, I chose to highlight them, by painting the majority of the piece in Shabby Paints, Licorice. Look how it showcases that medallion!  I did not do any repair to the spots I left natural, but I did add a new protective seal to them, so that they would not become any more beat up. I think the dings and scratches that are left just add to the character. I know the new owner loves her as much as I do!

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